Inogesis connects blue-chips and start-ups to harness disruption

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Business connector launched, together with Healthcare cluster and new funding partner

London, 18 July – Inogesis, evolved from the VTC Group, has been launched to better connect blue-chip organisations with disruptive start-ups, spinouts and growth companies to jointly win new revenues and solve business issues. Inogesis has also created a strategic partnership with a global investment platform, VTC Capital, to provide the capital small companies need to work successfully with enterprises.

These developments represent a wholly new model for businesses, large and small, especially with the support of academics and governmental organisations. They are also central to Inogesis’ ambitious new Healthcare programme, which consolidates the learnings of the existing Cyber-Security Virtual Technology Cluster (VTC) and pharmaceutical manufacturing IT challenge.

The company’s partnership with VTC Capital is a key element of the new model.  VTC Capital is a global technology investment platform focused on funding and commercialising world class Intellectual Property (IP) and High Growth Technology Companies. As such, it is perfectly placed to support the disrupters Inogesis so successfully identifies, mentors and advises.

Auriol Stevens, CEO, Inogesis explained, “All of our programmes create the environment for collaboration and developing new revenue models based on the customer needs of large enterprises. Investment may then be available, but focused on scaling up the operations, balance sheets and capacity of smaller firms that have secured major opportunities.”

Inogesis identifies and recruits best-in-class innovators that can boost the bottom line of blue-chip organisations by solving specific challenges for them – from cyber security to supply chain optimisation. In return, the innovators not only secure new contracts, but can meet with industry experts who will guide and advise on their offering when approaching organisations.

Ken Olisa, Founder and non-executive Chairman, said, “In today’s tech-fuelled world, every business is either a disruptor or a disruptee, but for both the future is fraught. The solution is collaboration – combining the entrepreneurs’ enthusiasm and technologies with the market share and brand power of the incumbents. The Inogesis shared risk model offers a win-win solution for enlightened disruptors and disruptees equally.”

New Healthcare programme sets wound care challenge

Having successfully established itself in cyber, Inogesis has expanded into new verticals. The Healthcare VTC’s first challenge is to develop solutions to improve wound care, which is estimated to cost the NHS £5.3 billion each year, affecting 2.2 million people in the UK.
Auriol Stevens added, “Working with our partners, we are seeking to recruit innovators from university projects through to start-ups, SMEs and public companies to provide opportunities for commercial partnerships from multiple sectors and geographies. There are no direct costs to join the Healthcare VTC network and benefits include accessing expert help and advice from across our partners’ networks.”

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