Inogesis connects dynamic innovators and blue-chip organisations to solve business challenges through collaboration.

Utilising our ‘Virtual Technology Clusters’, we curate innovation intelligently; connecting ideas, people, organisations and technology to solve customer problems. Inogesis sources innovative companies – spinouts, startups and SMEs – identifies the most pertinent and then facilitates interaction with large corporates across diverse sectors..

Innovators, as members of the Inogesis community, gain access to activities that support company growth – from revenue opportunities offered by cluster sponsors, advisers providing expert scale-up services and networking functions.

Inogesis allows corporates to embrace disruption by transforming their reaction from defensive threat management, to offensive proactivity and collaboration. Disrupters are no longer barbarians at the gate, but are instead partners in change.

The Inogesis collaboration platform defines a better future where innovation and outcome are connected to advance the prosperity of all participants in the ecosystem.