The corporate sponsors work with Inogesis to define the overall operational strategy of their cluster. This includes, for example, defining who would be appropriate for co-sponsorship, what geographical location should be targeted, what reciprocal relationships should be encouraged and how operationally they would like to interact with the member companies.

Once engaged, Inogesis manages the running of each cluster, including liaising between all Sponsors, Innovators and Partners.

Regular reporting rhythms, including involvement in quarterly Board meetings are included. The method for liaison between sponsors and Inogesis are established on an individual basis.

No. Each innovator is admitted based on their likelihood of success in securing revenue from the Sponsors. No fees are charged and no equity is awarded. Innovators must sign a code of conduct upon entry, but otherwise have no obligations put upon them.
The community provides all of the networking, knowledge-sharing and support services of a physical cluster without the immediate need for relocation. Innovators are invited to participate, for no charge, in events and seminars which they may find relevant to their business. These may be led by Sponsors or delivered by a Partner.

Partners include lawyers, accountants, tax advisers, business development leaders and other industry professionals, who provide services and support for the members. These experts may enter into commercial relationships with innovators if they wish, but again there is no obligation on either side to do so.

To date, Inogesis has supported twenty-three members through to potential “impact” within the Cyber Cluster, while continuing to nurture the remaining innovators inside the ecosystem. Unilever Plc joined as the inaugural Sponsor mid-2015 to ensure their Operational IT have access to innovators and are able to influence the development of the Inogesis ecosystem. Dell EMC joined as an additional Sponsor in December 2015, and PA Consulting joined in August 2016.

Inogesis has expanded into other industries following the success of the Cyber Cluster and has launched a Healthcare Cluster in January 2017 in partnership with Deloitte, Oracle and Dell EMC.

The unique insight into our Innovator Members forms a valuable aspect of our IP. While we do hold some open events where members are free to disclose they are part of our ecosystem, we do not provide a full contact list. If required, Inogesis can provide examples of specific technologies to meet the problems of potential Sponsors to demonstrate the value of our access.
The cost for becoming a Sponsor varies depending on the nature of the VTC, the geography it covers and other operational factors. In broad terms the cost of one fully loaded manager would accurately represent the budget required.

A success fee based on impact is also payable. Impact is defined as revenue being passed down by a sponsor to a VTC member.

While curated access is a high priority of a cluster, sponsorship also delivers the following:

  • Visibility within relevant Government Departments and Institutions of the work each Sponsor is doing by supporting a cluster and thereby supporting overall Prosperity in a geography
  • Market research, including regular market domain reports, and information based on the activity in and around each cluster, as well as on general market and proprietary information
  • Absorption and curation of any Innovator the Sponsor meets or is interested in – whether this is through internal mechanisms such as corporate venturing or corporate accelerator programs, or external exposure such as meeting companies at events and conferences.
  • Managed PR and marketing exposure through activities co-ordinated by the Inogesis with a Sponsor’s marketing or communications team
Inogesis requires each Sponsor to have a named individual who can act as the main point of contact responsible for running their cluster.

This person must be of a level of seniority which enables them to engage with each relevant department of the Sponsor’s company. These departments include, but aren’t limited to: Business Development, R&D, Legal, Commercial, Communications and Marketing. Very little time is required on a regular / scheduled basis from these departments, as they are only required based on the nature of the opportunity with a Member company.

No. Existing supply chain can be admitted to Inogesis and any future commercial relationship will not be subject to a success fee unless Inogesis presents them to another Sponsor.
No competitor to an existing Sponsor will be admitted unless approved by all existing Sponsors.
No. Each cluster, while unique in its focus on revenue, is designed to complement all existing sources of innovation including those listed above. Inogesis works with a large number of organisations and institutions to ensure that the clusters are seen as an additional route to revenue, rather than a competitive option for Innovators. This enhanced access means Inogesis can ensure visibility of technology in the desired geography is significant.

We have a number of examples where existing Members are also members of or invested in by some of these models.