Our clusters allow firms to think bigger: source technology and new ideas from outside. By engaging in an always on dialogue with external innovators, internal teams will have fresh approaches to solving challenges.

Virtual clusters not only complement other innovation models, but also provides a powerful innovation strategy in its own right, without the level of resources and investment required for other models.

The sudden emergence of a hyper-connected world, made possible by the Digital Revolution, is truly unprecedented. Technology makes mass collaboration possible, practical, and pervasive. This also enables the clusters to attract a global pool of innovators and entrepreneurs to interact with the sponsors.

At the heart of this model is the Inogesis network of innovators and our ability to curate the most relevant for our sponsors.

Our heritage lies in Cyber with our sponsors Leidos, Unilever, PA Consulting and Dell EMC; and we have now launched in Healthcare with Deloitte, Oracle and Dell EMC. We are not limited to our clusters as we have supported large companies such GSK across different challenges related to manufacturing.

If you are interested in being involved in a virtual cluster or have a challenge of your own contact elena@inogesis.com

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